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tour to bhutan


The land of thunder dragon is the one of the world's most natural and magnificent vista on earth. The Himalayan country offers incredible sceneries of valleys, forrest, snow capped mountains, unique culture, arts and architecture. Most of the land is covered by forrest. Country is home of many rare and endangered animals and rich in flora and fauna. This small himalayan kingdom is full of spirituality. People are more religious, friendly and heart touching. There are many monasteries and monuments in every corner of the country. Some of them are really precious with stunning views. Bhutan is one of the best holiday destination and Nepal is one of the best country from where you can fly to Bhutan within an hour with breathtaking himalayan sceneries.

Packages for Bhutan

Rafting in Nepal

The rushing rivers of Nepal are emerging from Himalayas. It flows through mountain region to plain area. The mountain steep really makes river rafting possible....

Moutain flight to Mt Everest

Mountain Flight in Nepal (Mt. Everest)

Everest Flight is one of the most popular flight in Nepal.This is an hour flight from Kathmandu airport. It takes you to the world's top himalayas Mt. evere...

bungy in nepal

Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Bungee Jump is one of the most adventure activities in Nepal. One of the famous bungee jump is at Barahbise near to Tibet boarder. It takes 4 hrs drives from Ka...

Home Stay in Nepal

Nepalese people are very friendly and heart touching. They are very welcoming in nature. They treat new people as a guest. They are always eagerly waiting to we...

Paragliding Nepal

Paragliding in Nepal gives an opportunity for aerial view of the Himalayas. We have many best places for paragliding in Nepal. Sarangkot situated in Pokhara is ...

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