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Nepal Festival Tour ( Days)

There are hundreds of festivals and fairs every year in Nepal. All of them are very unique and each festival brings it's own history and religious back ground. You can find many interesting traditional way of celebration of each festivals. You can join and can enjoy the taste of festival together with Nepalese people.The different ethnic groups of people from Terai region to Himalayan region have their own culture, tradition, custom and festivals. The more than 100 ethnic groups are living in religious harmony. They respect each culture and celebrate all major festivals of Nepal. Wherever you go you can feel distinctly different culture and tradition. In every corner you can see people celebrating festivals in every single day. Nepal is only a place where you can see more festivals than days in a year. The interesting part of Nepalese festivals is the way people gather in their home and celebrate festivals together with their family, friends, relatives and neighbors. You can join with us in any month of the year. Join us for exploring Nepalese culture, tradition, customs and festivals.
MagheSankranti : Date: Jan 14,2013 
Lhosar - Tibetan New Year : Date: Feb 11,2013 
BasantaPanchami (Shree Panchami) : Date: Feb 15,2013 
Shivaratri : Date: Mar 10,2013 
FaguPoornima : Date: Mar 16,2013 
Ghodejatra: The day of the horse festival
Venue: Kathmandu , Date: Apr 10,2013 
Nepali New Year's Day : Date: Apr 14,2013 
BisketJatra : Date: Apr 14,2013 
ChaiteDashain : Date: Apr 19,2013 
Ram Nawami : Date: Apr 19,2013 
The Teechi : Date: May 6,2013 to May 8,2013
Mother's Day (Matatirtha Puja) : Date: May 9,2013 
Red MachhendranathJatra : Date: May 13,2013 
Ubhouli : Date: May 24,2013 
Buddha Jayanti : Date: May 25,2013 
Gathan-Muga (Ghantakarna) : Date: Aug 5,2013 
Nag Panchami : Date: Aug 11,2013 
GaiJatra : Date: Aug 22,2013 
Krishnastami : Date: Aug 28,2013 
GauraParba : Date: Aug 28,2013 
JanaiPoornima and RakshyaBandhan: Date: Aug 21,2013
Father's Day (GokarnaAunsi) : Date: Sep 5,2013 
Teej : Date: Sep 8,2013 
IndraJatra : Date: Sep 18,2013 
Dashain : Date: Oct 5,2013 to Oct 18,2013
Tihar : Date: Nov 1,2013 to Nov 5,2013
Nepal Sambat : Date: Nov 4,2013 
ChhathParva : Date: Nov 9,2013 
Mani Rimdu : Date: Nov 10,2013 to Nov 13,2013
BivahPanchami : Date: Dec 7,2013 
YomariPunhi : Date: Dec 17,2013 
Christmas : Date: Dec 25,2013 
TamuLhosar : Date: Dec 30,2013 
New Year Eve :Date: Dec 31,2013 
BalaChaturdasi :Date: Dec 2,2013 
Maghesankranti: Date : 15 January 2014
Sripanchami( worship Goddess of Knowledge , music and art ) : Date 04 February 2014
Mahashivaratri: Date : 27 February 2014
FaguPurnima or Holy ( the festival of color): Date 16 March 2014
BisketJatra: Date : starts on 10 April and ends on 19 April 2014

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